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Our website,, respects the privacy rights of all users who visit our website. Therefore, we would like to inform you about the use of your personal data.

This Privacy Policy applies to the following individuals:

  • Service provider or website owner, hereinafter referred to as
  • Website visitors, defined as individuals who open or view information on any page of
  • Website users, including individuals who purchase goods online or register as members of the website’s system. has established this Privacy Policy to enhance the standards and security of personal data concerning Website visitors and Users, ensuring compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562.

Therefore, we recommend that you read this Privacy Policy to learn and understand the principles that adheres to regarding the handling of your personal data.

Purposes of Personal Data Collection collects your personal data for the purposes related to the operation of the website as follows:

  • For use in online marketing and advertising activities
  • For analyzing Visitor data and conducting market research
  • For verifying Website Users who wish to log into the website
  • For using as information for product delivery purposes
  • For using as contact information to respond to Website Users
  • For checking and maintaining the security of the website system
  • For developing the website and providing personalized experiences to Website Visitors
  • For using as information about participants in online communities and maintaining the usability of the website system

Personal data collected by the website collects your personal data through website usage and registration services, the information we collect includes the following:

  • Name and surname of the Website User
  • Email address of the Website User
  • Login credentials for the website, including the username created by the Website User or generated automatically by the system, and the password created by the Website User
  • Online social media information of the Website User, such as usernames or IDs on online social media platforms.
  • Address of the Website User
  • Phone number of the Website User
  • Computer traffic data of website visitors used for analysis and customization of the website security system

Use of Cookies on uses cookies for operational purposes related to the website. Customers can find further information about our Cookie Policy on our website’s Cookie Policy page.

Personal data collected by third parties

Analyzing data is essential to help make e-commerce easier and smoother for everyone. We use cookies to gather information about which features users prefer, which features need immediate adjustment, and what else we can do to improve the shopping experience. In addition to our own cookies, also employs systems from other service providers to learn from and enhance our systems. These service providers may also use cookies within our system.


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Google Analytics

Used to collect usage data and measure system performance


Uses Pixel for creating Custom Audiences for communication with store owners using the system


Uses Google Ads for communication with store owners using the system


In cases where there are links to third-party platforms such as advertising networks, social media, and other external website service providers, certain types of cookies and computer traffic data may be managed by third parties. Therefore, we recommend that Website Visitors also review and understand the Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy of third parties.


Rights of Personal Data Owners

  • Website Users have the right to request deletion of their registered data from the system by notifying their request through the contact channels specified in this policy.
  • Website Visitors can refuse the use of cookies via the cookie consent notification on the website.
  • Website visitors can delete all cookies from the web browser they use by following the instructions provided on the website of the web browser developer.

Security of Personal Data places utmost importance on your personal data and employs effective measures to ensure its security at all times. Therefore, we utilize technology and establish various policies with the objective of safeguarding your personal data from unauthorized access and inappropriate use. We continuously adopt new technologies as we develop the website to enhance the effectiveness of these measures in a timely manner.

On, there may be links to other websites, or you may use links on other websites to access our site. Please understand that cannot be held responsible for the privacy policies and practices regarding the protection of personal data on other websites. Therefore, we recommend that you review the privacy policies and practices regarding the protection of personal data of the websites you visit, both before and after visiting our website through any linked.

However, cannot control or take responsibility for the use of personal data by external individuals or organizations that obtain information from you through this website. Therefore, we recommend that you consider accepting or rejecting the use of cookies by third parties, as outlined above, regarding your rights to refuse the use of such cookies independently.

How can you contact and the Data Protection Officer?

If you have any suggestions or inquiries regarding the details of data collection, usage, and/or disclosure of your personal information, including requests related to your rights under this policy, please feel free to reach out via the following channel:

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